Team Training Bienna Jets

Last weekend – September, 5th and 6th, 2015 – the coaches of the 24/7 AFS held a two day American football camp session at the Bienna Jet’s. The Bienna Jets from Biel in Switzerland took advantage of the 24/7 AFS’ offer and invited the coaches to train their Senior as well as their Junior team. The program included – besides practical units on the field on Saturday and Sunday – a video coaching and a Coaches Clinic on Saturday night. The coaches Martin Hanselmann, Jürgen Roßmanith and Andy Meyer gave the players and the coaches of the Bienna Jets an understanding of concept coaching.

Coach Meyer worked with defense using their present 4-3 concept. Among other topics they worked thoroughly on Run Fits and their corresponding techniques, like Spill-, Lever-, or Rip-Technique. The focus of the pass defense was on “Cover 2 und Cover 3 Concepts & Techniques. So, the DB and the LB were taught about the detailed techniques for cover 2 and cover 3 accordingly (Buzz-Technique, Re-Route, Squat-Technique, „Ping-Pong“, etc.). “The techniques they showed us will definitely help us to improve the pass defense for our next season.

„The camp was intensive and instructive and it has really been fun to be trained by the coaches of the 24/7 American Football School “, says defense captain and sports director Dominic Mischler.

The offense training was led by Martin Hanselmann and Jürgen Roßmanith who imparted their knowledge about the basic techniques. Martin Haselmann covered the positions of RB/WR and QBs. The coach attached great emphasize on the techniques that are already known, which can be deeper improved with some tips and tricks. The OL training with Coach Roßmanith helped the players with the implementation of particular block techniques. The enthusiasm of the young players was stunning and they showed immense improvements on the second day already.

So it was no surprise that all of the players and coaches took much pleasure in the camp and learnt a lot.

“The coaches arrived in motivated and cheerful mood on our field. You could feel the “love” for the game and the vast experience of the coaches. Our players eagerly listened to the great drills that were aimed at their individual positions with professional corrections and could thus improve their performance. The training, which also included video analysis and talks, made this camp a successful and efficient weekend. Thank you very much, we will surely see us again”, states head coach Jürgen Flückiger after the camp.

Peter Putzer, youth coach of the Bienna Jets says: “It was an interesting and instructive camp for our youth players. It was nice to see how thrilled they were when they absorbed all the coaches told them about. They immediately tried to put it into practice. The practice was adjusted to the level of the players and there was also space for laughter. All in all it was a weekend that the juniors might not forget about soon. Thanks to the coaches of the24/7 American Football School. “