The focus of the 24/7 AFS – Foundation Class is to learn about body mechanics, weight training, footwork, balance, coordination and speed. The children aged 10 to 13 should be taught in a supportive, positive but also challenging environment.

The 24/7 AFS – Foundation Class offers an evidence-based and athlete-centric approach to introducing kids to weightlifting. It’s a holistic approach to introducing kids to resistance training and developing their strength training skills.

With the 24/7 AFS – Foundation Class we lay the foundation for athletics and coordination.

  • Development of motor skills and movement patterns
  • Creation of coordination and balance
  • Basics of running training
  • Basics of age-appropriate strength and resistance training
  • Basics of barbell training

Monday & Tueday
16.00 h – 18.00 h

Schwetzingerstr. 72
68165 Mannheim

Learn more about…
– Body mechanics
– Footwork
– Balance & Coordination
– Weight training

Please send the completed application to:

Participation in the 24/7 AFS – Foundation Class costs €20.00 per week.