Longsnapping Clinic mit dem Longsnapping Experten Kyle Stelter von Special Teams U. Coach Stelter betreut in der USA mehrere American Football Profis, sowohl aus der NFL als auch aus dem College Football, sowie der CFL und UFL.

Mit der Kooperation zwischen der 24/7 AFS und Special Teams U geben wir Europäischen Longsnapper die einmalige Möglichkeit ihr Longsnapping auf das nächste Level zu heben.

Mit der EUROPEAN MEMBERSHIP haben europäische Longsnapper die Möglichkeit einmal im Monat mit dem Longsnapping Experten Kyle Stelter zu arbeiten.


“I started Special Teams University out of necessity. I´ve watched too many teams struggle at the long snapping position from High School to the Pros”

Through Special Teams University, I’ve mentored hundreds and hundreds of players, including Super Bowl and Grey Cup Champions, Pro Bowlers, and NFL All-Pro selections. I’ve observed numerous teams struggling with long snapping due to the absence of a dedicated coach. My aim is to fill this gap, guiding athletes at all levels to perfect their skills and advance their careers.


European long snappers who want to take their long snapping to the level have never had a resource like this available to them. Our European Membership allows long snappers across the Atlantic consistent access to Coach Stelter, drills, and information to help them take their long snapping to the next level.


European Membership Includes:

  • 1 Monthly Group Meeting with Coach Stelter to go over technique and drills to add to their practice! Meetings will be consistently held on the same day every month.
  • Video evaluation. Every athlete will be able to send in film once a month for evaluation to get feedback on their progress.
  • Access to the OnForm app. All long snappers will be added to the app to create a simple and convenient place to trade film and communicate.

Long Snapping Results

Coach Stelter is committed to training long snappers at every level of play all over the world. His unique, physics-based approach to coaching is results-driven and tailored to each athlete, ensuring a method that yields RESULTS!

Coach Stelter helps you unlock the secrets of ELITE long snapping by teaching you how to be an expert at your craft. There is ALWAYS another level, he can help you get there.

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