The 24/7 American Football School offers an Off Season Program for athletes, during which they can improve their performance – in the gym as well as on the field. The athlete will improve in motion, concentration, knowledge, confidence and strength.

As for the individual athletic support, athletes firstly have to perform an entry test and the thus given values are used ​​to assess their athletic consistency. This is how the athlete will receive an individual and customized training schedule. The athlete trains for 4 weeks following this schedule and keeps a training journal. After this 4 week period the athlete checks and evaluates his training progress with his personal coach.

Position Training

During the individual training for American Football, the athlete receives a special training session for the specific position from their allocated coach of the 24/7 AFS.

The coach discusses and sets the goals of the desired training with the athlete himself. To set successful goals, he follows the guidelines of the basic fundamentals that are important for the specific positions.

Depending on the performance level und targets, the athletes may be trained in advanced techniques for their positions, while the training is always oriented towards their desired goals.

Strength Training

The strength training program aims at an improvement of the athlete’s maximum strength and performance.

As the final result, the athlete will raise his repetition number in the Bench press test to his personal maximum.

In addition, the athlete will improve his explosive plyometric to jump higher and farther and to move his body as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Speed Training

During Speed Training the athletes focus on improving their spurts, top speed, agility and their reactivity.

Speed & Strength Training are both of equal importance for an American Football player. The athlete will improve his speed performance as well as strength endurance with 24/7 AFS’ Strength & Speed Program