Camp 08/02/2015

On Sunday, 08/02/2015, the 24/7 AFS’ first official Camp of the American Football School took place. A professional American Football Trainings Camp for young athletes was held on the artificial turf pitch of the Rhein-Neckar Bandits. The participants – age 17+ – came from all different leagues.

Andy Meyer and Martin Hanselmann, those responsible for the camps, were more than happy with the way the camps took place: “The camp was a huge success”, Andy Meyer, organizer and coach, sums up the camp session. The Walk-On coaches as well as the participating players delivered great performances.

The Camp started at 9:30 on Sunday morning. The first things to do were the registration of the participants and distribution of the camp shirts and camp books. After the welcoming speech from the coaches Martin Hanselmann (QB), Dominic Hanselmann (WR) and Andy Meyer (DB), everybody got down to business. During a theory lesson, the participants got a preparation for the following practical training unit in the so-called “Chalk-Talk”. The camp’s focus lay on Mancoverage and How to beat Mancoverage, which was taught during the two theory and two practical training units of the day.

But before the players entered the field, they were professionally taped and prepared for the strenuous practice by the camp’s physical therapist Marius Max. Domimic Hanselmann, who himself is a player with the Hamburg Huskies and a personal coach for various professional soccer players, ran the warm-up session for the athletes. After the warm-up, the players were divided in the different position groups and worked in individual units for their techniques. During a 1on1 WR vs. DB, the players could immediately show what they had learnt.  

During the breaks, the players were catered to according to their athletic needs. Every participant was given a protein shake, an energy cake, fruit and water. Thus strengthened they started the second half of their camp training, which as well started in front of the white board. While Martin Hanselmann and Dominic Hanselmann taught how beat man coverage, Andy Meyer talked about mancoverage concepts and techniques. A practical unit followed during which they dove deeper into the individual techniques, before they used those playing 1on1 or 5on5.

All the participants were excited and pleased with what they had learnt.

The24/7 American Football School would like to thank their partners and the Rhein-Neckar Bandits for their help on the field and providing the artificial turf pitch.