The 24/7 American Football School offers Individual Sports Performance Programs.

Football Program Benefits:

  • Running mechanics
  • Increase agility and change of direction
  • Advanced plyometric Training
  • Development of linear and acceleration and maximum speed

  • Power
    • Increase starting speed
    • Improve block shedding
    • Produce mor game changing hits & highlight reel plays
  • Force
    • Break more Tackles
    • Keep your Block
    • Rush the Passer
  • Stamina
    • Sustain Speed & Power late in the 4th Quarter
    • Maintain high energy levels for a 10-Week Season
  • Speed
    • Beat your Opponent off the Ball
    • Closing or Breakaway Speed
  • Protection
    • Layer yourself with armor to protect against potential injuries

Better Training makes Better Athletes

Sports Performance Training

24/7 AFS Sports Performance is for Athletes who are serious aobut improving their agility / mobility, speed and conditioning in order to dominate their competition and excel in their sport American Football. We know what it takes to increase Athletic Performance. Our philosophy for Sports Performance Training is to build an Athletic Foundation from the Ground up by increasing speed, stamina and flexibility.

Rookie Program (Age 10-13)

For our youngest Athletes, age 10-13, we offer our 24/7 AFS Development Program. This Curriculum lays the foundation of athleticism and coordination while building confidence and self-steem.
We teach youth about body mechanics, running techniques and bodyweight exercises in a supportive, positive environment.

  • Development of motor skills and movement patterns
  • Creation of coordination and balance
  • Speed, agility and condition fundamentals

Development Program (Age 14-16)

Designed for 14-16 year olds, this training Curriculum incorporates more Athletic movement, emphasizing speed, change of direction, acceleration and agility. This program extends the character development our our Rookie program and educates athletes about healthy living.

  • Increase agility and change of direction
  • Advanced plyometric training
  • Development of linear acceleration and maximum speed
  • Training in injury prevention
  • Development of coordination, rhythm and balance
  • Increased conditioning capacity

Prep Program (Age 15-18)

Designed for 15-18 year olds, this Curriculum develops high-level speed and agility.
Our 24/7 AFS Prep Program mirrors a Division 1 college program.

  • High level plyometric training
  • Advanced maneuverability and change of direction
  • Maximum speed and extended linear acceleration
  • Optimum mobility and flexibiity
  • Injury prevention techniques
  • Advanced conditioning
  • Footwork, coordination and balance at a high level

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