Scholarship Program


The 24/7 American Football School offers numerous opportunities for athletes to apply for sports’ scholarships for American Football in the USA and helps with recommendations. Many years of experience of American Football und good contacts throughout the network make it possible for the 24/7 AFS to help German players.


To be admitted to a university program applicants usually have to prove that they have a graduation diploma allowing them to enroll at university level and also that they have sufficient knowledge of English.

To study at an US American college or university, athletes need to take – according to discipline and desired degree – various admission tests.

Language Tests: Exams to test the knowledge of the English language. Tests like TOEFL and

IELTS follow university day-to-day usage.

Admission Tests: students are tested – depending on the exam – in mathematical thought, communication skills (in English) and academically relevant knowledge. (SAT and ACT)

Eligibility Rules

The NCAA imposes rules for Sports Scholarship in the USA. No student athlete can avoid the NCAA Clearinghouse.

The following requirements must be met in order for a student to be able to practice, play and receive a scholarship at an NCAA Division I or II college or university.

In principle every male athlete can register for the 24/7 American Football School’s ScholarshipProgram

However, the athletes have to fulfill – because of the above mentioned ´Eligibility Rules´of the NCAA – the following conditions, in order to be accepted for 24/7 American Football School’s ScholarshipProgram: