The 24/7 AFS Development Class follows the Foundation Class and is aimed at athletes between the ages of 13 and 16 with previous training knowledge. We focus on changing direction, acceleration and strength training. We work on developing flexibility as well as improving speed, strength, energy, agility and endurance.

Speed & Power
  • Agility and change of direction
  • Extension of functional movement profile
  • Progession of lifting and strength
  • Increased Olympic weithlifting skill and utilization
Movement Quality & Skill
  • Training in injury prevention
  • Development of coordination, rhythm and balance

Monday & Tueday

Schwetzingerstr. 72
68165 Mannheim

Learn more about…
– Olympic Weightlifting
– Injury prevention
– Balance & Coordination

Please send the completed application to:

Participation in the 24/7 AFS – Development Class costs €30.00 per week.

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